Formal Friday Tips – Business Introduction Guidelines

More Formal Friday Tips: Business Introduction Guidelines
Formal Friday Tips“I’ve seen people who are immensely talented who can’t get ahead because of their etiquette,” says Nicole Williams, LinkedIn’s connection director. “Showing respect, indicating respect by dressing up for an interview, wearing appropriate clothing at work, sending appropriate e-mails with full spelling and no typos, saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’: That’s what will get you noticed, it’s what people promote.”

According to The New York Times, etiquette is a hot topic online and in person. This issue I give some guidelines for business introductions:
Because introductions are a critical part of any meeting, people should always be introduced as soon as possible, even if the event is taking place over a long period of time. The best way to put people at ease is to include them in the conversation. If possible, use someone’s full name and just ask if you forget any part of it. A person would rather be asked their name than not be introduced at all. And, when being introduced, wait until the entire introduction is made before replying with a greeting and handshake. And on the handshake note, give a quick but firm, confident handshake. Do not cover the other person’s hand with your other hand unless you are well-aquainted.

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