Formal Friday Tips: Appropriate Etiquette for the Cocktail Party, Cocktail Reception, Networking Social

  • Formal Friday TipsAll three events require more formal dress. Think a dress or dress pants for women and a coat and possibly a tie for men.
  • Be on time. This shows respect for yourself, but more importantly for others.
  • Walk in with your shoulders back and keep good posture. This reflects confidence and can help boost yours!
  • Name tags are best put on the right hand side (just below the shoulder) of the clothing so that it is more visible when shaking hands with someone.
  • Remember, you are there not for yourself as much as for others, so try to think about how you can serve them best with your expertise and business. Focusing on others takes your mind off of yourself.
  • Think about meeting new people. Try to have a conversation with at least two new people you have never met. Make the first move to introduce yourself, thus saving the other person from being uncomfortable.
  • Smile!

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