Find 2 Summer Petites


One of the more difficult clothing lines to find are petites.  Petite is considered 5’4” and below, and that means that the rise on pants and the sleeve lengths on tops and pants length are the most important changes to look for.  And oftentimes my clients are surprised to hear that I can wear a petite-size pant.

A 5’7” I don’t appear petite, but I have short legs, and I have learned how to make my legs appear longer. And I can help you do that as well.
One suggestion is to investigate the stores and clothing choices here in this Virtual Catalog.  Some of my favorite brands are in here, as well as the store from which to buy anything you see. While my clients that are 5’1” or under have the most trouble finding clothes, it is not impossible to find great pieces, but you must have a seamstress available for alterations and be ruthless in taking anything that doesn’t fit to him/her.
The key to wearing anything a tall(er) person can wear is to make sure that the FIT of the garment is terrific.  Sleeve and pants lengths seem to be the most common problem and are an easy sewing fix.  IF the piece does not fit in the rise or at the shoulder line, then put it back — immediately.  It will cost a significant amount to overhaul these areas of a garment.  If you have any questions about buying and wearing petite sizes, please email me or comment on this Blog, and I will respond.
Here are the garments in this catalog. Some of the affiliate links may generate commissions for Your Authentic Image which helps support the time spent creating these very unique recommendations.

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