Fall Into Fashion This Fall

While it may seem exciting to wear new clothes every season, we are not always in a place to purchase the latest fashion trend.  But it is fun to add maybe one or two pieces to our wardrobe in order to feel stylish (but not a slave to fashion), and to grab those pieces that reflect exactly who we are, because we may not see that signature piece again for awhile. And, every spring and fall there are trends you may want to take advantage of IF:

  1. The color looks great on you and is difficult to find.  You may have to wait a few months for the actual color to appear in the stores, but in the past few years, there are more shopping options for immediate gratification.
  2. There is a pattern that you absolutely love – such as florals — and finding just the right combination of colors for that floral, and the right scale and size make shopping for a new piece more delightful. Maybe it’s lace or stripes or animal print?
  3. There is a texture that you love — maybe it’s fringe, maybe it’s tulle or gauze, maybe it’s leather (faux or not) or corduroy, maybe it’s embroidery or quilting.  Whatever fabric or threads that you love, now is the time to find them.
  4. There is a shape that you like?  Maybe you love jumpsuits or dresses or blazers?  Maybe your favorite pant is a wide-leg version or always the latest skinny jean? The shape of the garment is what you need for your body that may require some tailoring (as do most clothing), but the silhouette is one you have loved for years.

If you want to update your wardrobe, clear out those items you have not been wearing (see my Blog about this)and add only those things you love and want to wear TOMORROW, then let’s take a look at adding just one or maybe two pieces into your closet that will make your heart sing.

Here are the Fall Fashion Updates for 2017, and pieces you can purchase directly from this download:

Fringe: whether fringe conjures up positive for you or not, it’s here this fall on handbags, shoes, blouses, pants and even hats. It’s fun, flirty and even a bit tribal. So if fringe is a signature look that you love, see if you can find it in as dense, playful or texturized as you want.

Silver: if you love silver or anything metallic, be on the lookout for more of it. Silver is sometimes reserved for jewelry and shoes, but not this season. Now you will find it in tops, pants and even sophisticated dresses. Make sure that it does not conflict with your personal coloring and overpower you — it is reflective, and it can be a great way to brighten your wardrobe.

Red: red is a powerful color. If you need a hint of confidence this fall — choose red or any of it’s shades such as merlot or ruby or fire engine. Red translates well for the camera if you are being videotaped, and if you love this color — look for it now and on sale in the spring!

Pantsuit: technically this is a trouser and matching jacket, and it’s is one of the best ways to extend your wardrobe. Buy a pantsuit in a color you love and DO NOT keep it together in your closet. Separate it to wear with many other pieces, but together when you want to exude authority and elegant approachability.

Corduroy: is an interesting material in that the texture of it can be manipulated from very chunky to very fine. The narrower and finer the more sophisticated, and corduroy is no longer just a staple for a Yale professor. And, if you are hearkening back to your 70s fashion moments, then a modern corduroy is for you.

Florals (especially roses): florals, like lace, are not longer sweet, simple and shy. This fall you can find floral from standard to abstract that are placed on garments in artistic ways. You want to decide what kind of floral you love and what colors, and look for those. One dynamic of floral that we love is its ability to draw the eye all around the garment and not any one spot.

Quiltwork and embroidery design: finally for the wearable art fashionista in all of us, the options in quilting, embroidery and tapestry and embellishment for clothing this fall are numerous. Also popular this fall will be patchwork patterns which can bring lots of color and lightheartedness to you clothes. The idea will be to find the colors, patterns and textures you love the most in one piece. Try some of these to start:

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