Experiment with Change

Recently I had the pleasure of shopping with a client who is changing career directions in her life. We were aiming for a professional artistic look versus a corporate look, and this is what she had to say:
My 2 hours of personal shopping with you were so fun. I felt like I was set free to really express myself through my clothing. I think that sometimes we need to be given permission to change… or maybe we need to just get out of our own heads and out of our way. Having my “words” and becoming more conscious of my decisions as we shopped was so liberating. I actually LOVE what I bought and can’t wait to wear them. I feel beautiful, sexy, and powerful in my new tops, woohoo! The patterns and colors that I used to look at but would not buy, I now seek out. So long boring black. Thanks Kathleen for giving me “permission” and helping me move forward.
— Karen Connelly, Reno NV (owner of ShopSYK.com)

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