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Shrink Your Closet, Expand Your Wardrobe

minimal-closet-exampleMainstream media platforms like Vogue, nonprofit idea spreading powerhouses like TED, and publishers like Random House are rapidly spreading the idea: “less is more.” And you love it!

So… Why Is Your Closet Stuffed With Pieces You Don’t Wear (and some you don’t even LIKE)?

Wouldn’t it be a relief to gain physical space in your closet, mental bandwidth in your head, time in your day, and more joy and freedom in your life — all while creating an amazingly vibrant signature style? You can!

Essentialize: Shrink Your Closet, Expand Your Wardrobe, is a compassionately led, six-week virtual program that supports you to pare down and love up your wardrobe in a way that feels abundant, fulfilling and freeing.

Doors open February 23!

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Kathleen is what makes this course great! Her attitude and acceptance of each individual helped me to realize that I am valuable and deserve to be dressed beautifully. Figuring out what colors look great on me and learning what my four beauty words are were highlights that will last far beyond the course, and Kathleen’s feedback inside the forum was invaluable.
-Mary O’Halloran

Your Essentialized Wardrobe represents who you are on the inside, without you having to say a word. It brings to life your values, quirks, and unique qualities in a way that words alone can’t.

If you desire to…

  • Pare down your wardrobe to only pieces you love and wear
  • Create or augment a strong personal brand
  • Take credit for your accomplishments in an empowered way
  • Cultivate the self-trust it takes to be vulnerable and be heard
  • Make getting dressed an easy, pleasurable task each and every day
  • Turn shopping from a chore into a joyful, fulfilling experience
  • Easily buy new pieces and discard old ones guilt free and with pleasure

…then Essentialize is just what you’re looking for!

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Kathleen Audet

So happy to “meet” you! I’m Kathleen Audet.

I’m an Image Consultant, but what I really do is support women to match what they wear on the outside with who they are on the inside. Over 20+ years of doing this work, I’ve seen what it takes to truly succeed in creating a signature style in an Essentialized Wardrobe.

“Kathleen has helped me discover and express more of who I am and how I want to look and feel. Kathleen has a natural gift for her work.”
-Carla, Engineer

Take advantage of preferred seating for the Essentialize Class and receive a free 15-minute Skype session with Kathleen either before, during or after the course.

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