Emersion and Acceleration Program

3-Day  Get. It. Done. Image Consulting

Emersion: The act of emerging

Accelerator: Something that brings about acceleration

Want to Completely Transform Your Image in Three Days?

“I’m a busy woman who  . . .”

  • Hates to shop
  • Is making a career transition and need to “look the part”
  • Needs a super streamlined look that must be super easy to wear
  • Has no time to “experiment” with creating a wardrobe that works

Does one or all of these sound like you?

Then this option will serve you best!

kathleen-audetI’ve supported hundreds of  vibrant, successful busy women who, like you, need to look your best.

But your wardrobe is pieced together more by default than design (and it shows). And that is no longer acceptable.

Whether an outer circumstance (a promotion, new level of visibility as a business owner, divorce, post-pregnancy, recovery from an illness) or inner epiphany is driving the need for change, together we will design a wardrobe and create a signature style for you that:

  • Fully supports your life and lifestyle
  • Is modern, relevant and authentic
  • Contains nothing but pieces you love

You need to create a new wardrobe FAST, during a dedicated period of time you block out on your calendar and give your full attention to get. it. done.

Emersion Accelerator condenses months of style, image and wardrobe design into three days, during which my sole focus is on YOU. The program is 100% customized and includes any or all of the following:

  • Personal and professional image management and goal setting
  • Personal style analysis
  • Personalized color analysis
  • Personalized fit session
  • Hair and makeup appointments, if needed
  • Wardrobe evaluation
  • Shopping both in town and virtually
  • Online virtual closet to be used for all future shopping
  • Four, 1-hour, follow up sessions via Skype
  • Unlimited email and texting support for six months
  • Invaluable resources and information for take-home
  • All meals in the studio and while out shopping

Schedule your Emersion Accelerator around travel, meetings, or other work or personal commitments. You’ll leave Reno looking and feeling your best – and with a full season’s wardrobe, accessories, and other items in your suitcase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“What if I don’t live in Reno?”

You will fly in to work with me. Reno is easily accessible by air from anywhere in the world. Emersion Accelerator is very efficient because, in addition to getting everything done in three days,  you won’t need to fly to me multiple times. We take care of things in one fell swoop!

“What will the accommodations be like?”

Once we confirm your dates, I arrange accommodations at a quiet, relaxing, local hotel (non smoking, non gambling) near my office.

“Will I need to rent a car?”

Absolutely not! I pick you up and drop you off at the airport and all mornings and evenings.

“What should my clothes budget be?”

That’s entirely at your discretion. However, because our work is condensed, and the goal is for you to NOT have to do much shopping after this experience, I recommend starting with a baseline budget of $1,000 (for clothes, shoes, accessories, and make-up).

“What if I have questions after the three days are over?”

You are guaranteed to have questions, and need some additional guidance! That’s why your follow up includes unlimited email and texting support as well as four, 1-hour Skype calls scheduled at your convenience. You may also join the private Facebook group designed for all virtual clients and be granted access to your own virtual Closet.

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