Elemental Monday

Are you investing a fair amount of money in your clothing, but you are not always able to create outfits from your existing wardrobe?

Are there several patterned tops or skirts in your closet that nothing seems to go with?

Every once in a while you do put together an outfit and you know it’s great, and you get lots of compliments, but maybe you don’t create them consistently?

When too many patterns and prints overwhelm your space, think: basics!

Essentially we are always missing one key piece that would create a fabulous outfit, and it’s a solid top or bottom that would make the outfit (and your heart) sing!

For example, you may have a piece that looks like this. It’s navy – so harder to match than black, with a print that can handle a few different colors, but you don’t want to be too matchy matchy:

Consider these 3 basic tops that could work with many other pieces in your closet, and you have just made more than one outfit:

Or how about that printed dress you want to wear in air conditioning in the heat of Louisiana?

One jacket that works every time is a white jean jacket. Be brave and wear white! How about this one that is not so stylized that you can’t wear it with everything?

Or what if you have patterns in your closet that could actually go together, but you can’t see it?

First you can read my article here on how to match your prints, and secondly, you can start by placing your prints next to one another to at the very least find out if they share a common color.

In doing so, you will begin to train your eye on what could go together that has not so far.

Elemental Mondays are about finding pieces for your wardrobe that are both affordable and attractive and can make several outfits work.

Check here often for updates and new pieces that I find from all over the world. Note, I especially love free shipping and free return sites, and I seek these out first.

For monthly tips, check out my monthly expedition into what helps you to trust your clothing choices.

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