How to Embrace the Adventure of Downsizing

kath1I met Milena at a convention. When she became a client a few months later, I discovered that her wardrobe was adventurous as she. Not only did Milena have some unique and creative clothing, she was daring in her accessory choices as well.

In the process of removing (many) items that didn’t fit her personal style or soul, Milena and her husband Phil decided that he would take over the closet in the bedroom, and she would have the adjoining bedroom closet.

As they began the organizing and sorting process that comes with any transformation, little did I know that this would also align with their desire to become more adventurous and free in their lives.

Not only has Milena created a life where she is free to travel and work anywhere in the world, she is empowered to expand that life without expanding her household stuff and clothing.

kath2As she also transforms her  business from Out@About Marketing to, she looks more authentic – because her clothing and accessories are more closely aligned with who she is and what she desires.

So important for branding! There is something magical in the process and I don’t say that lightly.

When we allow ourselves to feel abundant with less, it creates a mindset that takes us to places we may not have experienced before. 

Living with less can begin a process that we never expected. For Milena it meant paring down more — not just in her closet, but also in her home:

“Kathleen helped me downsize and cut the clutter in my closet. This simple exercise in closet organization and personal styling has resulted in an entire lifestyle change. I took what Kathleen showed me and expanded it into my entire house and even my life.

Getting rid of the clutter and simplifying has been fantastic and completely gratifying. My husband and I are still working on changing our life but we know that we are on the road to happiness. Thank you Kathleen for pushing me to start the journey!”

Thank you, Milena, for the opportunity to work with you in your closet and wardrobe.  You are destined for great things.


This month, I will be offering a free 30-minute, interactive webinar on July 26th on what questions we need to ask ourselves if we are thinking about downsizing our “stuff”.  We have to ask the hard questions to get the good answers. Here is a preview of some of the questions we will be tackling:

1.    Do I really need this?  Of course this question sounds logical, but it’s harder to answer because here’s the truth: you have more than enough of what you need already.

2.    Am I keeping this because of sentimental attachment?  I find this one of the hardest choices we have to make, particularly when it comes to our clothes and accessories.  I have a few ideas on how to tackle this when it comes up.

3.    Am I keeping this because it was expensive and it’s “still works” or is “still good”?  Many of my clients attach a dollar figure to their clothing and possessions, and it prevents them from either using the piece or from discarding it.  How do we go about deciding?

Stay tuned for the details on this free 30-minute webinar, and please email me if you have questions of your own.

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