Does it matter?

The cleanest bathrooms in Monroe, Louisiana are at the airport. I determined the difference when we bought a house and tried to move in on a Sunday, but spent the next week in a hotel. Between trips to the new house and the hotel, I discovered the large family bathroom that was always immaculate and available, though I’m sure that my consistent entrance was caught on camera and wondered about.
Unfortunately in the plumbing and flooding challenges, I began to whine a bit. The unfairness of non-disclosure policies, the lack of reliable plumbers, the time it took to clean up the mess, created a resigned sigh of wearing cargo pants and t shirts in order to dig dirt and stop the overflows when they happened.
In these moments, what we are wearing becomes an experience of function over form. And we ask ourselves, does it really matter what we wear? Well most of the time, barring your home inspection being worthless — YES.
Saying it doesn’t matter is like saying you don’t matter. When, of course, you do! Your clothes are meant to serve you, not the other way around.
Despite the circumstances we need to ask how much it matters to get dressed, and dressed appropriately, dressed for work, dressed up. It’s worth it to ask, and more than worth it to answer.

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