Communicate Exactly Who You Are Without Saying a Word

  • What if everything you wore matched your personality and made you look amazing?

It’s time to close the gap between your true essence and what your clothes say about you.



A first-of-its-kind online program that supports you to create YOUR Signature Style - whether you’re a business owner, executive, working mom, stay at home mom, a successful woman who is reinventing herself, or simply someone who knows you are (or need to be) a leader in your own life. You communicate volumes non-verbally every time you leave the house - let’s make sure you’re communicating in your clearest and best non-verbal “voice.”

There is SO MUCH TALK in the media about fashion, and trends, and the Kardashians . . . and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you enjoy it, if you work in the fashion industry, or if dressing in the latest trends is your top priority. For MOST of us though, all that talk boils down to “fashion for the sake of fashion,” and is therefore not relevant to our work, our lives, or who we are.

A Signature Style - a TRUE Signature Style, is created over time, with care, and used strategically by the person wearing the clothes, so she or he can:

  • Cultivate the self-trust it takes to be vulnerable and be heard
  • Make getting dressed an easy, pleasurable task each and every day
  • Take credit for accomplishments (large and small) in an empowered way
  • Create or augment a strong personal brand
  • Turn shopping from a chore into a joyful, fulfilling experience

Your Signature Style represents who you are on the inside, without you having to say a word. It brings to life your values, quirks, and unique qualities in a way that words alone can’t. Each signature style is unique because each person is unique.

When you create a Signature Style, your closet becomes a resource that supports you in growing a business, establishing yourself as a leader, and being heard by the people you need to hear you.

You see yourself differently - because the authentic YOU begins to emerge. You become empowered to be true to yourself, true to others, and pursue more of what you really want in life.


Are you ready to create Your Signature Style?

See if any of this rings true for you:

You’ve achieved success in your life, but your closet doesn’t reflect it.

You’re bored with your clothes and getting dressed in the morning is a mundane, uninspired, sometimes stressful experience. 

You want to stand out visually, and you GET that your clothes can be a resource to do that, but you don’t know where to start.

Going into your closet drains you, and you want that feeling to stop.

You’ve changed jobs or started a business, and you recognize that you need to “dress the part.”

BUT you don’t want to compromise who you are in the process and you don’t want to throw away every piece of clothing you own and start over - you also don’t want to have to break the bank to have a wardrobe you love.

You used to love to shop for clothes, but not anymore.

You’ve lost touch with what to wear, because what “used” to look great on you doesn’t anymore.

You’ve experienced changes in your body that make it “hard” to dress

You’re getting older and feel your clothing options have dwindled (thanks a lot clothing designers). You’ve gone through a life changing event that’s changed your perspective and certain things in your life don’t “fit” anymore (including your clothes).

You LOVE to follow fashion trends, but don’t know which trends are a fit for YOU,

and because of that you feel like a frustrated artist sitting on the sidelines. You want your Signature Style to be fashion forward without crossing a line into being seen as “cartoonish” or “caricature-like.” You want to express yourself AND be taken seriously. As YOU.

Whether you are experiencing one or all of the above, one thing is crystal clear to you: you’re over it.

You’re tired of settling for a closet that’s not YOU and you desire to create something different.

Introducing Kathleen Audet, President and Owner of Your Authentic Image, and creator of the Your Signature Style program.

Kathleen is an Image Consultant, but what she really does is support women (and men) to match what they wear on the outside with who they are on the inside. Kathleen’s clients see themselves in a whole new light after working with her AND look amazing in their clothes!

With Kathleen’s heartfelt, strategic, intuitive guidance in Your Signature Style, YOU will transform your wardrobe into a resource that communicates exactly who you are without you saying a word.

Kathleen brings over 20 years of meticulous study and hands on experience working with clients throughout the United States - she has helped business leaders, stay at home moms, work at home moms, creatives, professionals, and leaders across vocations create, nurture and evolve their Signature Style - and the results are astounding.

Kathleen has a way of making good into great. I'm a professional and I dressed well but never really felt like my clothing was a good reflection of my personality. I didn't understand how to use my clothing to convey confidence and authority. My style was more casual and lacked accessories. Working with Kathleen took my image to the next level. Using my words, the fashion fit formula, my colors and style makes buying the right clothing and accessories easy. My closet is organized and full of fabulous outfits for every occasion. As a professional speaker I feel more confident when I step on the stage. My clothes help me command the authority I need to deliver my message. I love being the best dressed person in the room and receiving all the compliments. I owe it all to Kathleen.

Alice Heiman
Sales Consultant,

Your Signature Style will support you to make the changes to your wardrobe you’ve been wanting to make. You will learn where to start, what to prioritize, where to shop, and some new things about who you are.

When you create Your Signature Style, you’ll feel:

More confident, because you will eliminate the mismatch between who you are and what you’re wearing. Even the most “successful” people out there have crises of confidence. And when they do, they use every resource they have at their disposal. Your closet will become a vibrant, foundational resource for YOU when you create Your Signature Style.

More empowered, because you are free to express yourself through your clothing AND dress for each situation you’re in. You’ll know exactly what to wear to work, to conferences, to meetings. You’ll feel like you’re hitting all the right notes with your clothing choices. You’ll be clear on what you love to wear, why you love it, and you’ll bask in the knowing that what you wear is appropriate for each situation you’re in.

More aware of who you are, and what you need people to hear. Whether you are speaking at an event, giving a presentation at work, or picking up children from school, you’ll feel the difference that dressing with awareness makes. It feels like you have a resonant voice. And you use it!

More ease when getting dressed in the morning! With a wardrobe matched to your inner personality and lifestyle, you bask in the reality that you enjoy getting dressed. Not only do you love each piece of clothing you own, but your closet is organized, making it easy to grab what you need fast!

Empowered to step up into service in more areas of your life. It becomes easier to move through challenges because the joy and love you feel about who you are touches those you come into contact with – which means your influence naturally expands to where it is most useful. It all starts with an inner and outer experience that empowers you to be more of YOU more of the time.

Kathleen has the artist viewpoint and the experience I lack. She looked at new items and made combinations and re-combinations. She makes me feel that my clothes are great, even the ones I might have regretted buying. She helps me look at color and texture. It is a learning experience with exciting outcomes and no anxiety.Thank you Kathleen for your time and expertise.

Leah Sanders
University Professor

 You may have tried to change your style before, with less than stellar results - the good news is, it wasn’t your fault. 

There are specific, vital steps you must take, and certain mindset shifts you must make - and most people skip these because they either didn’t know about them or didn’t realize their importance.

There are lots of stylists out there who will dress you for an event, or who will take a cursory look at your complexion and recommend colors for you. You can hire a personal shopper to help you shop. And these things often work, at first. But without the crucial missing pieces, the results are not sustainable.

This is because very few people actually teach and facilitate the creation of Your Signature Style in the way that Kathleen does - from the inside-OUT. When you create Your Signature Style under Kathleen’s guidance, you excavate, examine and deeply consider . . .

Your values (what they are and how they show up in your clothing choices)

Who you are at your core (Kathleen has a special process she will walk you through to narrow this down to four powerful words)

Communication cues you’re giving off without even knowing it (you learn to make these work for you)

. . . so that you translate your true essence into your clothing choices to ensure that you are, fresh, on point, and happy with your wardrobe - and that your transformation lasts beyond the first couple of weeks!

There is a lot of "buzz" out there around the word transformation these days. Transformation is not just about the outside but the inside as well. To work on the outside is the shell, but working on the inside is about the heart; transformation includes both. Just when I think I have something down, I get it, I learn something new. That is what it is like to work with Kathleen. To be better, inside and out, than when you started

Caryn Young
Senior Administrator to President of Non-Profit

Your Signature Style is NOT Just the “Before” and “After” (though that part is fun) - the Experience You Have Creating it is What Makes it Sustainable

Kathleen will teach you the critical things you need to know to create Your Signature Style, including:

  • A methodology for evaluating the role your personal values have played in the way you’ve dressed up to this point, and how some of that can shift to deepen your self awareness - without compromising who you are or what’s important to you.
  • How to match your values with THE most important design element in clothing - this translates from an inner knowing to an outer toolset to use when you shop.
  • How to compile (using super cool online technology) your own unique set of words that will guide all of your shopping decisions from this point forward - the words serve to both focus you and expand your possibilities for looking amazing.
  • The critical role that color plays in your wardrobe - you’ll learn how to select colors that are right for you - so right that you’ll never wear the “wrong” colors again (hint: this is NOT about what “season” you are).
  • Assembling outfits that work for every part of your lifestyle and the goals you set for yourself, within whatever budget you set.

It is absolutely critical you learn and implement every single aspect of creating your unique style. If you don’t, you’ll probably never see the payoff you want to see, in terms of awareness, empowerment, and simply feeling great when you get dressed in the morning.

Kathleen has helped me discover and express more of who I am and how I want to look and feel. Kathleen has a natural gift for her work.


You have the beginnings of Your Signature Style hanging in your closet right now! If you’re like 99.9% of Kathleen’s clients, you have at least a few (if not more) pieces you like (maybe even love). It’s time to turn up the volume and create an impeccable style that will stand you out, in all the right ways.

You bring your amazing, quirky, creative, talented, flawed (because we’re all flawed and that won’t stop you from creating your Signature Style) self and Kathleen will provide the step by step judgement-free support, guidance, and strategy to help you put it all together!

Communicate Exactly Who You Are Without Saying a Word

Are you ready to let your brilliance shine in a way you never have before, to empower yourself to be THE leader in your life?

Here’s what you’ll do during “Create Your Signature Style”:

Module 1: Values Sort

Align Your Values With Your Clothing Choices

The messages you send with your clothing are based in part on your values. Values are the motivating force behind your behaviors, choices and decisions. IF you choose clothing that is inconsistent with your values – you risk building a wardrobe that doesn’t reflect who you are.

Research has shown that our clothing values are consistent with our general values BUT are often a neglected part of personal style. This foundational module will help you bring the two together.

During this module, you will:

  • Create new awareness of how your personal values have influenced your clothing choices to this point
  • Learn the 7 value types that influence your clothing choices
  • Sort the value types for yourself in order to prioritize which are most important to you and why
  • Begin to work with a methodology that will allow you to witness how your values change over time and adjust your wardrobe accordingly [For example, the Social value is high priority for many folks in their younger years because they tend to care more about what other people think - while those who prioritize the Exploratory value want to be different and don’t prioritize as much what others’ think.]

Working with Kathleen has been an investment that has paid off in innumerable ways. Ultimately, it's been a much needed investment in myself. Kathleen's gentle, wise and uncompromising belief that every woman is beautiful as she is combined with her skill and expertise has been transformational for me. I feel more empowered, confident and beautiful than ever and Kathleen's been a huge part of helping me get to this place.

Carrie Minturn
Private Client

Module 2: Line Sort

Discern Which Lines Look Best On You and Why

Working with design elements in clothing when you’re not a designer can seem, at first blush, intimidating. It’s really not. In this module, you’ll learn about the design element that is MOST important to prioritize when creating Your Signature Style - LINE. Lines create powerful optical illusions about the size and shape of the body – length and width. Lines communicate visual meanings, messages, moods or feelings.

During this module, you will:

  • Create new awareness of the lines in your current wardrobe and what messages they are sending.
  • Learn the 5 line types, what they mean, and how to arrange design lines in a way that flatters your body type.
  • Prioritize which of the 5 line types will serve you best in your wardrobe and why.
  • Begin to cue more deeply into the messages you’re currently sending, what you’d like to shift - you’ll be inspired to think about some trademark pieces you can have in your wardrobe.

As a fan of What Not To Wear, I loved the idea of having an expert “style me” as they saw fit. Who wouldn’t? What I didn’t expect was for Kathleen to help me discover my own personal style and help me understand key things about clothing and shapes that have helped empower and transform my understanding of presence.

Layla Hanash
Private Client

Module 3: Words Sort

Unearth the 4 Words that Will Forever Change the Way You Shop

This is the piece that will differentiate Your Signature Style from everyone else out there. Because Your Signature Style is about so much more than clothes.

It’s about knowing who you are, and bringing that awareness into your wardrobe in a way that is thoughtful, intuitive, and strategic. Using your four words will not only remove all guesswork from and simplify your shopping, it will render you empowered and unstoppable.

Your words (and from now on your clothing) reflect the essence of YOU.

During this module, you will:

  • Tap into your intuition, self expression and self trust to narrow down the four words that best capture who you are (and technology makes it easy for you to do this without a lot of writing or looking up definitions).
  • Witness your values, clothing lines and words come together so you can “know” which pieces of clothing that right for you - and what’s NOT right for you.
  • Unleash the desire to get creative, and have fun with your wardrobe, while discerning which pieces in your current closet fit your words and which do not.
  • Begin to create a “mockup” of your “new” wardrobe.

I love Kathleen. She was very professional and informative about my style. She didn't make me feel like I had to do a complete 180 on my style, but just gave me great tips on how to clean it up and work with my figure and colors. I had so many clothes that I would buy, never wear or wear once, and they just took up space. The amount of money that I would of saved if I knew what I know now would of helped me out greatly. I enjoy shopping now because I know how to shop.

Claire Leitner
Private Client

Module 4: Color

Activate This Vital “Key” To a Fabulous Wardrobe

You’ve done the foundational work with your values, messaging, lines, and words. Now it’s time for you to activate color in your wardrobe like you’ve never “seen” it before.

During this module, you will:

  • Forever dispense with the notion that you are a “season” or any other formulaic version of a color pallet - because the realm of color when it comes to clothing is much more powerful and breathtakingly simple than that.
  • Narrow down the top 5-8 colors that look terrific on you. You will receive 5 top colors that you can match immediately -- sent to you between weeks 4 and 5.
  • Automatically eliminate some pieces you currently own based on color, and make glorious space for new pieces to come in.
  • Experience Your Signature Style start to come together in a way that only you can bring it together.

Module 5: Organize

Streamline and Simplify the Process of Getting Dressed

Believe it or not, there’s a science behind how to organize your closet in a way that supports you to get dressed with ease, each and every day. The key lies in making sure (if you can) that all your clothes are visible so Your Signature Style is effortless to create and maintain, day after day.

During this module, you will:

  • Learn the most effective techniques for organizing your closet, no matter how much or how little space you have.
  • Tailor Kathleen’s recommended clothing arrangement tips to your specific wardrobe and morning routine.
  • Customize Kathleen’s systems to organize, hang, store, and keep your wardrobe at your fingertips.
  • Arrange your jewelry and accessories so they are easy to choose, use and wear.

As a professional speaker and speaking coach, I’m constantly thinking about my image and how to ensure that what I project through my facial expressions, body language and clothing enhances my message and credibility. I was introduced to Kathleen through a mutual friend and while I had never previously envisioned working with an image consultant, within 5 minutes of talking with Kathleen I knew the question was not if we would work together and rather when we would work together. There are so many things I relish about having Kathleen in my life (and in my closet).

Alexia Vernon
Women's Public Speaking & Leadership Expert

Module 6: Essentialize

Pare Down to Only What you Love and Wear

You have been paring down all along, but now it’s time to get serious about what you really love and what you don’t. Here you will discover ALL the techniques and methods for keeping clothes and accessories you need to make your closet a perfect place to start your day with confidence.

During this module, you will:

  • Break through the self- talk that holds you back from letting go of items – and receive tools on how to manage and move past that verbiage to create the closet of your dreams.
  • Joyfully learn about options you’ve probably not been aware of for giving away pieces in a way that supports your values. Goodwill is not your only option (unless that supports your values and then it’s an amazing choice)!
  • Learn how 8-12 carefully chosen pieces can make the pivotal difference in your wardrobe. From slimming down your closet to the ease of getting dressed, you will LOVE the simplicity of a cluster of clothes.
  • Why there should never be any tags in your closet – don’t let this seemingly “minor” issue add frustration and time to your already-busy day.
  • How to be the artist in your own closet and why this is the only way for you to dress going forward.
  • Learn what to fold, what not to fold, why you should hang certain garments and not others, and how to best customize your closet space.

Module 7: Style

Create Outfits That Work for Your Life

You’ve created a mindset and skill set you will use for the rest of your life! Now it’s time to use it to create outfits that will support you no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going in life. During this module, you will be treated to a LIVE Q&A webinar with Kathleen!

During this module, you will:

  • Apply what you’ve learned to creating outfits! You’ll come prepared to compare photos of yourself in outfits to discern what works, what doesn’t, and why.
  • Hone your color choosing skills from Module 4 - specifically how to constructively critique yourself in colors without making the critique personal.
  • Witness how accessories can bring an entire outfit together. An accessory is everything you “wear” that’s not the garment itself: hair, nails, jewelry, shoes, belts, scarves, and hair. You’ll explore what works for you, what doesn’t, and why.

Kathleen is amazing at what she does to help you find your own authentic style and the best in your personality and bring your positive and true qualities out each and every day. After working with her I feel not only more organized but completely renewed and refreshed. I highly recommend Kathleen to anyone who wants to discover their true brand and personality and reflect that in your wardrobe. Thank you Kathleen, you are amazing!

Milena Regos

Here’s exactly how you’re going to Create Your Signature Style:

After you enroll, you’ll receive an invitation to join the exclusive Create Your Signature Style Virtual Style Space. There you’ll find all of the information you need laid out for you. The seven modules of Create Your Signature Style will be released on the following dates:

Module 1 May 30

Module 2 June 5

Module 3 June 12

Module 4 June 19

Module 5 July 3

Module 6 July 10

Module 7 July 17

Each module will contain:

  • Content rich video training sessions - it will feel like Kathleen is right there with you, holding your hand through each step as she takes you through this transformative process.
  • Easy to use templates, checklists, and other selected resources to speed up your creation of your Signature Style and allow you to go as “deep” with this work as you desire.

You will also get:

  • Immediate access to the Create Your Signature Style private Facebook group, where you can post questions, pictures, connect with your fellow signature style creators, and get direct feedback and support from Kathleen. Get your questions answered in real time as you go through this highly creative, transformative process. It really is the next best thing to working with Kathleen in person!
  • Exclusive access to 2 Create Your Signature Style LIVE webinars with Kathleen. Open exclusively to members of Create Your Signature Style, the content of this webinar will be based on YOUR desires, needs and questions. Happening 2x in the 8 weeks, this is YOUR chance to get LIVE one on one support from Kathleen.

I am a professor, so I am used to standing comfortably in of front large numbers of people. I haven’t given my clothing much thought over the years – professional and utilitarian, but admittedly, boring! I knew what I was wearing didn’t reflect who I was, what I believed, and how I wanted to express myself. I have a Ph.D., but not in fashion and design. I needed help! It has been a pleasure working with Kathleen Audet! She has the patience, knowledge, know-how, and people-skills to help anyone find their right fit with clothing and color. I had some sense of the colors that looked good on me, but Kathleen helped me fine-tune it. It was so helpful to narrow down to 5 words that best describe who I am and what I am passionate about. That gave me much needed focus. I was no longer wandering through department stores aimlessly. I had a true sense of what I was looking for, what looked good on me, and why. And, it’s that “why” that’s so important and separates Kathleen from others. She didn’t beat me over the head – or tell me what to do. She gently moved me along, through my closet, asking me what looked good, what didn’t, and encouraged an understanding of the reasons behind it. Working with Kathleen has made all the difference for me!

Kim O'Reilly

Committing to Create Your Signature Style is just that – a commitment.

A commitment to yourself.

A commitment to your work.

A commitment to being visible and being heard.

And a commitment to the goals you passionately wish to pursue.

So if...

You truly desire to commit to creating Your Signature Style and see it through to completion (knowing you get access to Kathleen in the Facebook group and the live webinars) . . . and experience the transformation that’s available to you when you embrace this work...

You’re willing to act on the teachings in the modules, participate in the Facebook group, seek support when you get stuck, and stay in action toward creating Your Signature Style...

You’re ready, willing and even excited to expand your self awareness and stretch out of your comfort zone, try new approaches to shopping and selecting (and throwing away) clothes, take imperfect action and be seen...

You truly GET the value of creating Your Signature Style and know, deep down, that you are not in control of your non verbal communication without one...

You deeply believe that this is work you need to do right NOW - to support you in your life, work and play - you long to be heard more deeply, seen more clearly, and for your verbal and nonverbal communication to be aligned - to help you move forward in ways that simply aren’t possible if you do nothing...

Then let's


YES! I’m ready to Create MY Signature Style!

  • Access to the Your Authentic Image “Create Your Signature Style” methodology, which includes 7 step by step video modules-delivered every week – to help me plan, prepare and create my own Signature Style
  • Easy to use templates, checklists, and other amazing goodies to support my creative process and facilitate the creation of my Signature Style as quickly as I would like
  • Access to a private Facebook group where I can get my real time questions answered by Kathleen, connect with other participants, and get the support and accountability I need to stay on track.
  • Exclusive access to 2 Create Your Signature Style live webinars with Kathleen.



3 Payments Plan


5 Payments Plan


I loved our time together! My closet has stayed organized. I feel like I can breathe now when I go in there, and I can see everything I own. It’s wonderful. The pile we made on the floor has found a new home at the resale shop. It feels good to have a list of priority purchases to make. I’ve found myself making more intentional decisions about how casually/formally I am dressing. It immediately affects my attitude – I’m more alert and energetic about getting work done. Everyone has been commenting on how flattering my outfits look. My husband hasn’t stopped talking about it. Pre-consultation, I would not have dressed that nicely.

Author and Director for Non-Profit

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