Learn how to wear your words during the Create Your Signature Style Workshop!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

10:00 am - 4:00 pm (pacific standard time)


Transform your experience of getting dressed every morning in just one day!

There is SO MUCH TALK in the media about fashion, and trends, and the Kardashians . . . and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you enjoy it, if you work in the fashion industry, or if dressing in the latest trends is your top priority. For MOST of us though, all that talk boils down to “fashion for the sake of fashion,” and is therefore not relevant to our work, our lives, or who we are.

A Signature Style - a TRUE Signature Style, is created over time, with care, and used strategically by the person wearing the clothes, so she or he can:

  • Create or augment a strong personal brand
  • Take credit for accomplishments (large and small) in an empowered way
  • Cultivate the self-trust it takes to be vulnerable and be heard
  • Make getting dressed an easy, pleasurable task each and every day
  • Turn shopping from a chore into a joyful, fulfilling experience

Your Signature Style represents who you are on the inside, without you having to say a word. It brings to life your values, quirks, and unique qualities in a way that words alone can’t. Each signature style is unique because each person is unique.

When you create a Signature Style, your closet becomes a resource that supports you in growing a business, establishing yourself as a leader, and being heard by the people you need to hear you. You see yourself differently - because the authentic YOU begins to emerge. You become empowered to be true to yourself, true to others, and pursue more of what you really want in life.

Are you ready to create Your Signature Style?

See if any of this rings true for you:

  • You’ve achieved success in your life, but your closet doesn’t reflect it. You’re bored with your clothes and getting dressed in the morning is a mundane, uninspired, sometimes stressful experience. You want to stand out visually, and you GET that your clothes can be a resource to do that, but you don’t know where to start. Going into your closet drains you, and you want that feeling to stop.
  • You used to love to shop for clothes, but not anymore. You’ve lost touch with what what to wear, because what “used” to look great on you doesn’t anymore. Whether:
  • You’ve experienced changes in your body that make it “hard” to dress
  • You’re getting older and feel your clothing options have dwindled (thanks a lot clothing designers)
  • You’ve gone through a life changing event that’s changed your perspective and certain things in your life don’t “fit” anymore (including your clothes)

One thing is crystal clear to you: you’re over it. You’re tired of settling for a closet that’s not YOU and you desire to create something different.

You’ve changed jobs or started a business, and you recognize that you need to “dress the part.” BUT you don’t want to compromise who you are in the process and you don’t want to throw away every piece of clothing you own and start over - you also don’t want to have to break the bank to have a wardrobe you love.

You LOVE to follow fashion trends, but don’t know which trends are a fit for YOU, and because of that you feel like a frustrated artist sitting on the sidelines. You want your Signature Style to be fashion forward without crossing a line into being seen as “cartoonish” or “caricature-like.” You want to express yourself AND be taken seriously. As YOU.

If any of the above sounds like YOU,

then you are definitely in the right place.

Do you...

  • struggle with what to wear every time you open your closet?
  • get frustrated about what to wear on any given day?
  • find that you are tired of wearing yoga pants to everything?
  • strive to figure out if you have a signature style or an illusory style?
  • know you are tired of spending more money on clothes when you have too many as it is?

If you answered YES to these questions,

then this is your lucky day!

Why  would you attend this workshop?

For relief from the stress of not knowing what to wear.

For ideas on how to use your clothing as a resource to serve you.

For a really fun and edifying Saturday that is about YOU.

For learning and growth in an area that can catapult your success.


1. You are someone who leads…teams, organizations, meetings

2. You are willing to approach image from the inside out

3. You are excited to learn more about yourself



1. If you think image is superfluous

2. You aren’t able to be vulnerable in front of a small audience

3. You don’t want be stretched

If you want to see more about my approach to image, watch my speaker reel here.


Kathleen is amazing at what she does to help you find your own authentic style and the best in your personality and bring your positive and true qualities out each and every day. After working with her I feel not only more organized but completely renewed and refreshed. I highly recommend Kathleen to anyone who wants to discover their true brand and personality and reflect that in your wardrobe. Thank you Kathleen, you are amazing!”


As a professional speaker and speaking coach, I’m constantly thinking about my image and how to ensure that what I project through my facial expressions, body language and clothing enhances my message and credibility. Having a process for essentializing my wardrobe to pieces I love (and that love to be worn by me!), knowing the colors that make me and my brand come to life, and understanding the fits that work best on my frame…all wonderful.


Kathleen has a way of making good into great. I’m a professional and I dressed well but never really felt like my clothing was a good reflection of my personality. I didn’t understand how to use my clothing to convey confidence and authority. My style was more casual and lacked accessories. Working with Kathleen took my image to the next level. Using my words, the fashion fit formula, my colors and style makes buying the right clothing and accessories easy.

Meet Your Image Guru: Kathleen Audet

President and founder of Your Authentic Image, Kathleen delivers keynotes and trainings to groups and organizations who desire to have members and employees communicate more confidently and authentically. Her ability to help event men and women, speakers and leaders prepare themselves for increased visibility is unsurpassed - as is her work helping companies advance their brand allowing people to dress like who they are.

Kathleen’s degrees in education and English have informed her work and research about strategically incorporating clothing into non-verbal communication. She received her image consultant training from the Conselle Institute of Image Management and is a member of Association of Image Consultants International.

Create Your Signature Style Workshop Agenda

  • Find the 4 words that will change the way you get dressed
  • Learn from Kathleen and others what works, what doesn’t and why
  • Eat a delicious healthy lunch together
  • Receive from Kathleen a personally styled virtual closet with 3 outfits including links to all online stores
  • Join a private Facebook group so that you can ask questions and get answers to your most pressing questions


*One-time payment option.

  • Access to the 1-Day Workshop on Saturday, September 16
  • Lunch included


*One-time payment


*2  monthly payments option.

  • Access to the 1-Day Workshop on Saturday, September 16
  • Lunch included

$185/ month

*2-monthly payments


*3 monthly payments option.

  • Access to the 1-Day Workshop on Saturday, September 16
  • Lunch included

$125/ month

**3-monthly payments

The Create Your Signature Style workshop is a life-changing experience and you can keep the momentum going even after you leave the workshop.

Don’t wait. There are only 10 spaces available.

And, of course, if you have any questions about whether the workshop is a good fit for you,

please contact me here to set up a time to chat.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Due to the intimate nature of the Create Your Signature Style workshop all deposits and payments are non-refundable. The only exception would be if there is a waiting list and someone can take your place (but no guarantees are made).

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