Close the Gap

It would seem like my work is all about fashion, but the reality is that getting dressed is mostly about how you think, feel, and see — about yourself.

The gap between choosing pieces easily, knowing what to buy/not buy, feeling confident OR feeling frustrated, is a mindset.

This weekend with a private client confirmed that learning how to dress is not taught to us/for us, but it can be learned. And it needs as much attention paid to it that you put to all your hard skills.

Just like learning to play the guitar, running the cash register, speaking truthfully, skills around what to wear, where and when, can be learned. And in a short time. One of the best articles I have read about how we learn something new is by entrepreneur, Casey von Neumann, titled Don’t Worry About Mastery — Seek Competence.

You can read it here. 

My instruction this month involves learning to style short hair. Tres at Caliber Salon in Reno gave me a lesson, and I’m open to suggestions from anyone who has had long hair for a LONG time and then…not!


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