Change of Address For Your Closet?

As life gets more complicated, despite technology’s promise to the contrary, it becomes even more important to get your wardrobe woes out of the way.  You don’t need a big move like mine to get clear about your closet, but you can use the same technique of moving your clothing out of your closet in order to order to weed out a few things.

Sometimes we ask ourselves: what clothing items we need in our closets? But a more important question might be: what do I need to discard or let go of?  Too many items can hold us back from having a fabulous wardrobe.   For instance, you may be holding on to something because:

It could be that when you look at the garment you associate something with it.  Such as:

  • a well-meaning sales associate talked you into it
  • your mom, sister, aunt or other person gave it to you,
  • you bought it in Hawaii on your honeymoon and you can’t bear to part with it even though you haven’t worn it in 5, 10, 15 (or more?) years.
  • you loved it in the store, but haven’t been able to find anything to go with it since you brought it home.

And then you hang it back up in your closet perhaps inclined to solve the challenge at a different time.  But, what if moving forward with your wardrobe meant just taking it out of the rotation for a while?  Maybe just not seeing it on often will give you a solution for the piece. Try taking some clothing OUT of your closet and before you bring anything back into the space you love and use as your main closet, ask yourself some questions:

  1. Does it fit me right now?  If not, do I plan on having it altered?
  2. Does it complete an outfit I love?
  3. Did I buy it because someone (spouse, friend, family, well-meaning sales associate) talked me into it, but I never really liked it, nor do I have anything to match it?
  4. Do I love it and think it is beautiful?

One of the most challenging closet woes is fit.  If you have clothing of different sizes in your closet, the best thing to do is keep ONLY what fits you right now.  Move the other pieces to a different closet or storage area and focus on working with what fits.  You will be happier and less stressed if ALL of your clothing in your closet fits, and you don’t have to think about that one thing when getting dressed.  If the piece can be altered, then put it in a pile or bag and put it in your car – right away, before you forget, or worse, put it back into your closet.  You are now one step away from having an almost-new piece of clothing for your wardrobe.

Do you have clothing in your closet with the tags still attached?  If so, you may need to remove it or DECIDE to find it a loving family to adopt it into an outfit that you want to wear.  This is really important because often I see clients who have several of these blouses, sweaters, shirts, etc., and it really makes them frustrated in the morning when they see the lonely garment, and cannot match it to any other pieces.

Perhaps you are the one who talked you into something you don’t love.  We can talk about why that is if you want, but know that each piece that is chosen for you, that is not totally YOU – in style, personality, look – will also be a frustration for you.  While it may be hard to part with this certain piece (or pieces), remind yourself that it’s worth having only those clothes that look and feel terrific on your body.  That is what works on a consistent basis.

The last question can be difficult when parting with a piece of clothing, but it is not negotiable.  You must love the piece, or at least its functionality as a beautiful part of an outfit (such as a long-sleeve top that goes with many outfits).  It may not be the most creative piece in your wardrobe, but you love its flexibility and the fabric feels lovely next to your skin.

The next question is what do I do now?  If you have begun the process of letting go of those clothing pieces that don’t work for you, you are better positioned to know what to do next.  Clarity often comes when we have de-cluttered and weeded out unnecessary and unloved items in our closets.  Clarity can bring you past a stuck point in your closet.  It can also challenge you to rearrange – your clothing, your priorities, your goals – in order to move forward to something better – not perfection but an exciting change that makes getting dressed easier.

And lastly, if you need support to help organize your closet, please give me a call.  I can help with all of your wardrobe challenges and together we can ease any frustration or discouragement you have in getting dressed.


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