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Dads, Grads, and the Guys in Your Life : Finds for Men Under $20, $20, $40, $50

Time to return that crazy tie and the 12th version of that same plaid shirt in exchange for some on-trend, comfortable and stylish finds here in our catalog! We’ve got post-Father’s Day specials

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Do I Really Have To Learn How To Match Patterns and Prints?

A few years ago, I was helping my daughter organize her closet and create outfits. After an hour or so of putting like with like and seeing what she had, I stood back and looked at a sea of pattern, with

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What Do Real Women Look Like?

It’s a dangerous thing to say, but I’m going to say it: We don’t know what women look like anymore — not real women, with real faces. We do know, however, when we really like or even love someone

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Up Your Bravery Needle

“I’m not brave enough to wear something like that.” “Well, if not now at your very creative job, then when?” I lovingly asked, Krysta Lovan, a stylist and manager at Caliber Salon in Reno, Nevada. She

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Civility Strengthens You

My grandparents were part of the Giants Booster Club, and for years used to take  my brother, sister and I to the San Francisco Giants games.  As is sometimes the case with warm nostalgic memories, I

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