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Swap Away and Find New Accessories

You are invited to this Thursday’s ABC (Authentic Bold Confidence) Night.  This month is an Accessory Style Swap. It’s a hands-on fun night where you can bring jewerly scarves and handbags

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The New Website ABCs – Authentic, Bold, Confidence

So much is happening this month, but I have to tell you a funny story.  Recently I showed up for a lunch date with a potential business colleague, and we stood just a few feet apart at the restaurant,

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Fresno Fashion

Yep, it’s hot here in the West! And it was hot in Fresno last week (though for them 90 is not hot, they say), but we had a cool and inviting time at the Fun, Food & Fashion night. Not only did

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Accessories That Give You the Most for Your Dollar!

These necklaces showcased at the Accessories Workshop last week come from Pendelton Woolen Mills (yes, Pendelton!) on South Virginia, Street in Reno, NV.  Not only did some of them have two distinct sides

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