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Does it matter?

The cleanest bathrooms in Monroe, Louisiana are at the airport. I determined the difference when we bought a house and tried to move in on a Sunday, but spent the next week in a hotel. Between trips to

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Thank you five things

It’s always seemed unnecessary to create a list of the top 5 anything in fashion. The top 5 ways to wear a white button down, the top 5 dresses for spring, the top 5 styles for women over 40, the

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Healthy Self Forgetting

Because of the conquest of humanity by the spirit of the self, the self-will and self pleasing, we end up in one degree or another wanting an advantage over our sister and brother, so we all go in suspicion

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Transform don’t abandon

More than five separate conversations happened before the idea that it’s entirely possible to transform the way we see ourselves, set it. The peril of Covid for me is that I can often only have

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Reflecting the more

We know we are made for something more than what we presently are, which is why we wear clothes. There’s an entire fashion industry waiting for that theology to sustain it.  The more is something we

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