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Get a seamstress on speed dial

Last month while shopping, I said to a client, “we may not find the piece we are looking for, but my dream is to create an item in my head for you, and then have it made by the end of the

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Pocket Theology

Sometimes our goals and affirmations are not readily available to us. What if you had a pocket in every piece of clothing (designers are you listening?)  and you kept at least 3 healthy thoughts on

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Revel in Your Desire for a Closet that Inspires You

This post #2 in the Essentialize Series. Click here to view #3.How was your experience from last week – when you used your temporary license to complain about your closet? Was it frustrating? Stressful?

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Purging Black from an “Overfed” Closet

I often ask my clients to go on a “black fast” for a time.  They often look at me incredulous. “No black?  That’s not possible”. After all, who doesn’t want a clearly

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The Image of Life on the River

Things aren’t always as they appear… There are days when I get exasperated because yet another bunch of flowers has been pulled from my front window box.  The guards posted next door and across

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