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Revel in Your Desire for a Closet that Inspires You

This post #2 in the Essentialize Series. Click here to view #3. How was your experience from last week – when you used your temporary license to complain about your closet? Was it frustrating? Stressful?

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Purging Black from an “Overfed” Closet

I often ask my clients to go on a “black fast” for a time.  They often look at me incredulous. “No black?  That’s not possible”. After all, who doesn’t want a clearly

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The Image of Life on the River

Things aren’t always as they appear… There are days when I get exasperated because yet another bunch of flowers has been pulled from my front window box.  The guards posted next door and across

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Over 50 and Invisible?

In 2014 when women have so much more influence and consumer power than in any previous decade, it seems wrong that age 50 gives women a sense of invisibility and lack of relevance. But in many conversations

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