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Are you ready for a wardrobe that works for you? What does that mean — a wardrobe working for you? How do you get your wardrobe to do work? To do work that matters for you — to you? It seems

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The Image of Life on the River

Things aren’t always as they appear… There are days when I get exasperated because yet another bunch of flowers has been pulled from my front window box.  The guards posted next door and across

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When creating your own clothes – FIT IS IT!

WHEN CREATING YOUR OWN CLOTHES – FIT IS IT! When Maddy (my daughter) decided to make her own dress for her sister’s wedding, I was delighted.  In one day we bought the pattern, the fabric,

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Some Great Reasons to Go for a Fabulous FIT

THE WHY… It draws positive attention to and emphasizes the most attractive areas of your body. Your design details are in scale and proportion with your body. The design and fit give adequate ease,

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