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How to Use a Capsule Wardrobe to Help You Lose Weight

There’s nothing like feeling great in new clothes that fit, especially when you pass by a mirror. Screeeeeech (old record with needle screeching sound). Wait – I know what you’re thinking. You

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Find 2 – Formal Business

Sometimes we need an inspiration Capsule wardrobe to re-think our professional wardrobe. Here are 8 pieces that create 24 outfits. You don’t have to use these exact colors or styles, but you will see

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Find 2 Summer Petites

One of the more difficult clothing lines to find are petites.  Petite is considered 5’4” and below, and that means that the rise on pants and the sleeve lengths on tops and pants length are the most

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Find 2 and LuLaRoe

In an effort to keep Find 2 real, I asked my daughter, Julia, to find 2 pieces from her new clothing line that she is representing. From there we found 6 pieces in her own closet and created a Capsule

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Capsule for a Busy Mompreneur

There you are again – staring at your closet wondering what to wear? You try on one piece – ugh – it doesn’t fit, it needs mending, you don’t like it. Don’t let closet fatigue stop you from

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