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When creating your own clothes – FIT IS IT!

WHEN CREATING YOUR OWN CLOTHES – FIT IS IT! When Maddy (my daughter) decided to make her own dress for her sister’s wedding, I was delighted.  In one day we bought the pattern, the fabric,

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Pick ONE Trend

If you are bored and want to update your closet, but don’t want to look silly or like you are trying too hard, think about some of these tips: Find a new denim piece.  If you love casual wear, and

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5 Ways With One Dress To Warm Up Your Spring Wardrobe

Today I would like to share an article that I wrote and was published on the website SharpHeels. I can’t think of a better way to cheer up your spring and summer than with a little white dress. When

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Trends By Design

As the writers from The Fashion Group Foundation say, “Hit the refresh button for the 70s”, and if the 70s is not the decade you love, you have choices because the designers have styled the decade

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