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Close the Gap

It would seem like my work is all about fashion, but the reality is that getting dressed is mostly about how you think, feel, and see — about yourself. The gap between choosing pieces

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Many years ago I had the privilege of working with Carla Mathis. I was living in Massachusetts and she had flown there to work with private clients. I spoke with her briefly and set up my appointment

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“Lacking” Your Clothing Choices?

Last Thursday afternoon when getting my haircut, I heard “Miss Kath ah leen, would you like a drink?” where “like” sounded more like “lack”, and I thought, “why is she talking

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Refined Friday

If you are looking to take your Friday attire into the weekend or just out to dinner, then check out these refined finds. Each piece is specifically chosen to increase a wardrobe that does not actually

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Disconnected from our Humanity

On Monday when I spoke I said something I say every time I talk and that’s: “let’s think about using your clothes as a resource”. And why not let your clothes work for you like you do your

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