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My 4 Favorite Websites with Free Shipping

Do you like to shop online? Do you hate to shop online?  Is choosing, getting, returning or just all of it not worth your time? I get it. I hate bringing packages to the post office even when the shipping

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Last week I was explaining to a podcaster what I do. And as we took apart my words about showing up as your authentic self, she urged me to go deeper with that statement. Any wording around authenticity

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Disconnected from our Humanity

On Monday when I spoke I said something I say every time I talk and that’s: “let’s think about using your clothes as a resource”. And why not let your clothes work for you like you do your

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Summer Finds Under $20, $30, $40, $50

You don’t have to wait for the official summer swelter to buy some sun-smart pieces. You know that the summer heat will happen, and those trusty favorite blue jeans aren’t your best bet when it’s

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Thank you for all the positive feedback on last week’s article on prints and patterns! There is so much to learn about the many types of print fabric available to you. From all the pattern

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