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The Better Way To Get Rid of Your Stuff

“After our disappointing, tiring, and time-wasting garage sale, Kim and I still had a lot of leftover items that we had to do something with. So Kim made a call to Care Net, a local organization in Burlington,

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My 4 Favorite Websites with Free Shipping

Do you like to shop online? Do you hate to shop online?  Is choosing, getting, returning or just all of it not worth your time? I get it. I hate bringing packages to the post office even when the shipping

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What Does She Want Me to Wear?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to wake up in the morning and feel 100% supported by your closet and your wardrobe? Does your husband or significant other want the same thing? Is it quicker and easier for him

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Energize Your Creativity

“The creative process is not like a situation where you get struck by a single lightning bolt. You have ongoing discoveries, and there’s ongoing creative revelations. Yes, it’s really

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Are you ready for a wardrobe that works for you? What does that mean — a wardrobe working for you? How do you get your wardrobe to do work? To do work that matters for you — to you? It seems

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