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Elemental Monday

Are you investing a fair amount of money in your clothing, but you are not always able to create outfits from your existing wardrobe? Are there several patterned tops or skirts in your closet that nothing

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No baggage state of mind

No carry-ons, no luggage allowed. Just one personal item such as a purse.  And these instructions for a 4-day trip. For some people, this is second nature, but for most, it is not.   After packing several

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Dads, Grads, and the Guys in Your Life : Finds for Men Under $20, $20, $40, $50

Time to return that crazy tie and the 12th version of that same plaid shirt in exchange for some on-trend, comfortable and stylish finds here in our catalog! We’ve got post-Father’s Day specials

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3 Ways a Signature Style Will Build Your Confidence

This week, let’s define signature style: what it is and what it is not. Then let’s talk about how to use it to build confidence. Signature style is learned. Period. You must hone in on specific skills

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The Biggest Mistake 90% of My Clients Make When Creating a Signature Style

Nothing compares to being able to wake up in the morning and easily get dressed. To put on that flattering top, pants that fit well and make your legs look longer, finished off by just the right pair of

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