Back to Basics

How often do we stare into our closets wondering what to wear?  
And if only one piece is shouting “put me on” (and one is a great place to start), then how do we make a complete outfit?  The answer is: basics.  

Basic styles and often plain colors that take our wardrobes from okay to beautiful.

In most closets I enter, there are few basics. By basics I mean simple pieces in solid colors that ground an outfit.

One reason you stare at your closet and think you have nothing to wear is as simple as the piece you are missing.  

Really :)  

For example, if you choose one pair of pants you love, and then find a patterned, knit cardigan, you are in need of a basic top to pull those two items together.  It seems simple, but when our eye is drawn to pattern and texture and creative shapes, we can miss the significance of have simple designs in a variety of colors.

But I am talking only about clothing basics that allow us to create an outfit with minimal effort.  Here are some examples of basic tops (you can also view them here): 


There are many more types of basic tops that you can wear to pull an outfit together; such as a lace top in off-white, or a very narrow stripe that could mesh with another pattern easily.  But the easiest way to expand your choices are with basic tops in a variety of solid colors and in the sleeve length you prefer.

Try taking the time to put together some outfits in your closet, now. 

Pair a pant with a top that you love, and notice if you need a camisole, a tank top, a short-sleeve or longer sleeve top to complete the look.  For example both of these outfits need a basic to help pull the outfit together:


In particular, if you love patterns, you need to stock up on basics.  Here is what one of my clients had to say about her closet full of florals:

My favorite pieces of clothing are usually multi-colored and have elaborate floral prints. Looking at my closet, most of my tops and dresses fit this description.  My “ah ha” moment came this week when Kathleen pointed out the necessity of having a variety of go-to solid basics (which I was seriously lacking) in order to make my beloved printed pieces shine.  I wasn’t wearing my favorite florals very often because I wasn’t thinking in terms of outfits. Adding in basics pieces now enables me to make full outfits that I love!

Here are some of the basic trousers, jeans and pants that I recommend to my clients as we shop for clothes.

Note that there are at least 2 pair of brown pants in the mix because if you need brown, this is the season to shop for them.They are harder to find at other times of the year.


All the items you see above can be viewed in the private catalog here.

Buying basics is just one way to bring your closet back to life and to allow you to wear items you love but may not be choosing.  Head into your closet and begin to put an outfit together for tomorrow.  If there is one piece missing, and it’s a basic – it’s time to look online or in the stores for the ones that work for you.

Here’s to a back to basics closet that is NOT boring!!

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