Meet Kathleen

Your style journey begins when you ask yourself,
Who am I and what do I want the world to see?

Your style journey begins when you ask yourself, “Who am I and what do I want the world to see?”

Take a moment to imagine opening your closet door and . . .

Seeing only pieces you love and knowing each piece looks fabulous on you in terms of fit, color, line, shape and pattern.

Getting dressed each day with a feeling of joy and carrying that feeling out into the world.

Knowing you’re ready to take on the day without worrying about how you look or holding yourself back because of your appearance.

Did imagining all of this make you feel happy inside? I can help you achieve this dream through personalized image consulting. Whether you work with me one-on-one or enroll in one of my virtual programs, I help you discover the authentic YOU and then dress in a way that says, “This is me.”

About Kathleen

Kathleen Audet is president and owner of Your Authentic Image. For more than 20 years she has been studying color, design and image management. She began her business on the East Coast specializing in color analysis and makeup application for personal and corporate clients. Eventually her consulting diversified to include clothes, closets, and stores with private clients and speaking for groups.

Kathleen works with women and men locally or remotely through her unique virtual coaching programs.

Kathleen’s degrees in education and English form the foundation for her insatiable curiosity about people and ability to teach women on a deeply profound level. Having trained on both coasts of the United States, Kathleen’s image and style evaluations are thorough and comprehensive.

Kathleen received image consultant training from the Conselle Institute of Image Management. She is a member of Association of Image Consultants International, and continues her training in color and design on a yearly basis, as well as training and learning in Akimbo Workshops with Seth Godin.

Kathleen works with women and men in person via V.I.P. intensives, customized style coaching and consulting services, and remotely through her unique virtual coaching programs and workshops. Executives, business owners, workplace professionals, entrepreneurs and speakers who have worked with Kathleen all rave about her unparalleled ability to bring out their authentic style – which inevitably leads to increased awareness of and confidence in their (personal and professional) leadership and nonverbal communication abilities. Kathleen has been an image consultant to speakers, thought leaders and visionaries who have spoken on TEDx stages, at Fortune 500 companies, prestigious industry conferences like INBOUND and the Association for Talent Development, and at the United Nations.

Kathleen Audet: Heard, Seen, Quoted

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