A Redemptive Guide to Liberate Your Wardrobe

In this free guide, you'll learn how to overcome closet overwhelm, create your best first impressions, and make getting dressed in the morning exciting again!

Does this sound like you...?

You wake up in the morning, head to your closet and they start...first in a hush whisper, then building to a load roar... comments on your clothes, harsh words of your body, and blaring self-criticism that throws us into a whirlwind.  

Then, the second wave hits us... guilt. Guilt that it’s taken us so long to get ready. Guilt that we don’t understand what happened between the store and our homes. Guilt that we either put in a huge amount of time and effort without feeling rewarded for it, or that we just give up on the effort entirely and stick with old standbys, even if we’re not that happy with them. 

It doesn't have to be this way. 

Learn How to Overcome the Cardinal Sins That Stop Us From Having A Wardrobe We Love

When Is Enough Enough?

How often do you hear yourself say, ' I don't have anything to wear!' and yet, your closet is super stuffed. How often do you dig into your closet and pull our something you wore over two decades ago? In this guide, you'll learn the difference between having nothing to wear and a closet full of clothes.

It's Time To Be Fearless

Do you feel afraid to try new looks, new designs, new colors? Do you feel paralyzed in quest for perfectionism?  Do you worry others will judge you? Do you judge yourself against an unrealistic view? It's time to stop, step out on faith, and be fearlessly you.

About the Author

Kathleen Audet is president and owner of Your Authentic Image. For more than 20 years she has been studying color, design and image management. She began her business on the East Coast specializing in color analysis and makeup application for personal and corporate clients. Eventually her consulting diversified to include clothes, closets, and stores with private clients and speaking for groups. Kathleen has been an image consultant to speakers, thought leaders and visionaries who have spoken on TEDx stages, at Fortune 500 companies, prestigious industry conferences like INBOUND and the Association for Talent Development, and at the United Nations.

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“Your individuality is but a reflection of the uniqueness of others.  In seeing the beauty in ourselves, we are more likely to see that everybody is, indeed, beautiful in his or her own way.  In this basic truth lies the seed that can flower into a greater acceptance of other people; in effect, of all life -- in all of its wonderful forms, shapes, sizes and colors.”
-  Carla Mathis The Triumph of Individual Style

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