5 Must-Have Closet Items

5 Must-Have Items for your Closet

While I am not big on lists that impose rules about the contents of my closet, I do believe there are staple items that make life much easier day by day when we get dressed — in order to be seen, known and heard in the world. And since it’s gift-giving time, maybe your list will grow to include these basic items?

Better yet, they might go on sale after Christmas.

1. Hangers

Everyone has their favorite hangers. Or maybe not. Maybe your closet is a medley of flimsy dry-cleaning, rounded plastic, store, or large wooden hangers? While I love the look of a solid wooden hanger, I find them too bulky for my small closet and prefer these.

And that is because…

  • there are 4 notches for hanging small straps
  • the top swirls (a must have)
  • they are not bulky

Even if matching hangers is not your jam, creating space in your closet might be, and these hangers help with that:

2. Jewelry organizer

Depending on the shape and size of your closet you may have room to spare for a large jewelry organizer. But if not, I recommend you hang your jewelry up — in plain site — so you can easily access them on any given day. Besides any jewelry you store in a safe, the necklaces, earrings, and bracelets you NEED every day beg to be visible and available.

Just like our voices, the accessories we wear notify others about who we are. So arranging your earrings in visible pouches like this one one way to easily grab a piece and finish getting dressed. It’s also an effective time saver during rushed mornings. For necklaces,try hanging them up. All of them. Try this organizer from The Container Store:

3. Bras/Underwear

WE all knew the foundation pieces can make or break an outfit. End of year is the time to purge your worn out, broken or ignored bras, underwear and socks and start the year with new pieces that feel great, fit well, and work for you. If you haven’t had a proper bra fitting, I recommend finding a store in your area that specializes in this service. When it comes to underwear — it’s very personal, but many varieties and prices are available from Marshalls to Dillards to Nordstrom to a place like Carine Gilson or try an online service like this one. For men, I find my clients love this brand of underwear and socks. If you would like your underwear delivered to your door, try my friend, Julie Arsenault’s service, Panty Drop.

4. Solid colored tops

Every single closet I enter needs solid tops. Not because boring is on the agenda, but because there are outfits screaming to be created, and a basic top can make all the difference. Start with off-white and navy, but then branch out as needed for your particular wardrobe needs. Maybe add a plum or olive tank top with a long length to go under your sweaters, jackets, or shirts. Try a red scoop neck long sleeve top under your blazer to brighten it up. No matter what, simple tops can help you create a signature outfit with ease by making it easier to combine more stylized pieces.

5. A steamer

A few of my clients no longer own irons. And today, many of our fabrics don’t even need them because the blends are made of washable, non-wrinkle fabric. And that is what we want. Instead of an iron, I recommend a good steamer. It stands upright in the closet, takes up less space than you would expect, and it can be utilized in seconds to release wrinkles from your clothes. I do recommend a certain brand for many reasons not the least of which, it lasts and resists the urge to die because you feed it hard water.

Hopefully these 5 ideas will spark some New Year clutter clearing, creativity or clarity for you. I promise that they do make a big difference for my clients.

If you are looking for a transformative gift for someone in your life, check out my Create Your Signature Style Power Session. No matter what, we all need to be seen whether in person or online, and this session gives you the confidence you need to dress well and make a difference. Take advantage of this service in person if you are in Reno or close enough to drive here. The Virtual Closet handpicked pieces are worth the investment — and, of course, we will start with who you are at a deep level — and dress that person.

Click here if you want to join my Authentic Community Facebook group. And email me if you have any questions. If you you ask, I answer.

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